November 30, 2023

DNS Forward Zone Configuration

DNS Forward Zone Configuration is demonstrated here. Each domain contains two zones files: a forward zone file and a reverse zone file, which are used during domain hosting. The forward zone file was detailed in this section.

DNS zones are divided into two categories: forward zone and reverse zone. We needed to generate zone files on the DNS server during domain hosting, and we definitely did so on the Primary or Master DNS server, not the Secondary or Caching DNS server. A forward zone file is created for the name to IP mapping, and a reverse zone file is created for IP to name mapping. To host a domain’s DNS records, the forward zone file is required. The forward zone file contains all of a domain’s key DNS records, such as the mail server, web server, and DNS server.

A forward query is a process of obtaining an IP address from a hostname by querying the forward zone. The reverse query, as described in the reverse zone file, is used to find a hostname from an IP address. In this video, I go over the forward zone file in detail and test the DNS with a variety of queries.

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