November 30, 2023

Explaining Email Relay, Email Transport, Email Delivery, Inbound Email, Outbound Email Gateway

In this video, I have gone over various Email Protocols. I have illustrated Email Relay, Email Transport, Email Delivery, Inbound Email and Outbound Email Gateway.

To learn How an Email Server or SMTP server works. We must first learn about Email Protocols or SMTP Protocols. Otherwise, we won’t be able to understand the email working process. SMTP Protocol conversation between two SMTP servers illustrates how email works step by step. The Email Protocols are used before and after email is sent and received by the SMTP Server.

Here, I have Described.
(1) Email Relay, how Email Relay or SMTP relay works, inbound or outbound.
(2) Email Transport Server or Mail Router, Receives Mail from the senders and delivers inbound emails to the respective domain’s mail server.
(3) Email deliveries are of two types: local delivery and remote delivery. Local delivery, also known as localhost mail delivery, is the delivery of emails to the user’s inbox on the local server. Remote delivery is the process of sending emails to another server by The remote delivery agent.
(4) Inbound Relay or Inbound Email Gateway sends all emails to inbound servers. An inbound relay server is essentially an MX server that receives mail from external clients and sends it to inbound clients’ email servers.
(5) An outbound email gateway, also known as a smart host, is a server that accepts email from internal email servers and forwards it to the internet on their behalf. Internal email servers do not send messages directly to recipients; instead, they deliver messages to the smart host for final delivery.

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