October 1, 2023

iTop Configuration Overview

In this video, I’ll go over the iTop configuration overview. iTop is the best free helpdesk ticketing system available. It’s an open-source ITSM solution with a comprehensive Helpdesk Ticketing System.

This video demonstrates how to set up the iTop organization and get the IT helpdesk ticketing system ready for customer support. We needed to build a customer support system that focused on customer service. To allocate and monitor customer support tickets, we’ll need a team of helpdesk support technicians and a manager. The manager will also be in charge of troubleshooting helpdesk tickets. We’ve gone over a pre-configured iTop configuration here, and for the sake of illustration, we’ve configured the software and walked you through it step by step.

iTop is a complete solution for IT Service Management, also known as ITSM. However, in this tutorial series, I’ve simply covered the helpdesk ticketing system part. With iTop, we can manage helpdesk support issues for a single or several enterprises. It has a separate interface for customers and agents for helpdesk tickets creation and management. Customers will be assigned a dedicated portal for helpdesk ticket creation, status, and updates. Each ticket submitted by clients will appear on the HelpDesk Dashboard, and each ticket allocated to particular agents by managers will appear on the agents portal.

In this set of videos, Helpdesk tickets management is thoroughly discussed and demonstrated. Hope these videos will be beneficial for you, especially if you are a customer support agent or helpdesk professional these videos will work as a complete guideline.

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Helpdesk Ticketing System:

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