November 30, 2023

iTop Dashboard Design

In this video, I’ll show you iTop Dashboard Design. iTop is the best free helpdesk ticketing system available. It’s an open-source ITSM solution with a feature-rich Helpdesk Ticketing System built-in.

The iTop dashboard is demonstrated in this video. The iTop dashboard has a lot of options for displaying ticket statuses. It uses dashlets, data, tables, and charts to show the status of tickets. We can query iTops Data and build any report on the dashboard using the OQL language.

We need to properly develop the IT helpdesk ticketing system in order to resolve customer support concerns. The final stage in the iTop organization setup is to prepare a comprehensive reporting dashboard. We needed to come up with a customer-focused customer support solution. A well-performing IT helpdesk service necessitates a team of helpdesk support specialists and management. Monitoring ticket status is critical for improved customer support management.

IT Service Management, often known as ITSM, is made easy with iTop. However, I’ve only discussed the helpdesk ticketing system in this tutorial series. The management of helpdesk tickets is thoroughly covered and shown here. I hope you find these videos useful, especially if you work as a customer service agent or a helpdesk technician, in which case they will serve as a complete guide.

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