November 30, 2023

MailEnable Diagnostic Utilities, Services and Logs

I demonstrated MailEnable Diagnostic Utilities, Services, and Logs in this video. MailEnable is a free Windows mail server. It’s a feature-rich enterprise mail server with a variety of built-in services.

MailEnable is more than just an SMTP server. It also offers POP/IMAP, Postoffice, List Connector, and other services. All of them are separate services that run alongside the Mail Server service. MailEnable includes diagnostic utilities for troubleshooting and monitoring, which test and verify MailEnable Services and configuration settings and generate a diagnostic report.

The diagnostic report will show us whether there are any issues with the services. Each service keeps track of its activities and transactions in multiple logs. I’ve included a number of logs, including a w3c log, an activity log, and a debug log.

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MailEnable Installation and Configuration:

MailEnable Install and Configure:
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Mail Server Design and Deployment Guidelines:

How to Configure a Mail Server:
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Godaddy DNS Server Configurations:

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