May 26, 2022

MailEnable Security

In this video, I have gone over the details of MailEnable Security Options. MailEnable is a free mail server for Windows. It is also a very reliable and secure email server with many security features.

Domain blocking, user blocking, RBL checking, IP blacklist/whitelist, PTR checking, and many other security measures are included in MailEnable. The domain blacklist prevents any domain from sending mail to us, while the user blacklist prevents any local user from sending or receiving mail. Before receiving mail, DNS Blacklisting checks the incoming mail server’s IP with RBL Providers. Good senders can be whitelisted; whitelisted senders are not checked against DNS blacklists or RBLs. I’ve demonstrated how to set up your own DNS Blacklist in this video.

Auto whitelisting is a useful function of MailEnable; when a MailEnable user sends mail to outside domains, the domain is automatically whitelisted because MailEnables local users are sending mail to the domains. We don’t need to add those to the whitelist manually. I also demonstrated how domain verification, PTR verification, Ehlo verification, and address spoofing works.


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MailEnable Installation and Configuration:

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Mail Server Design and Deployment Guidelines:

How to Configure a Mail Server:
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Incoming Mail Server Load Balancing:
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Godaddy DNS Server Configurations:

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