November 30, 2023

MailEnable Submission Port 587 and SMTPS 465 Port With SSL/TLS

In this video, I have demonstrated How to Configure MailEnable Submission Port 587 with SSL/TLS and MailEnable SMTPS 465 Port with SSL/TLS. This is used to send secure emails from the mail client.

MailEnable is a feature-rich and free mail server for the Windows operating system. It’s a safe and reliable mail server. All of the SMTP Protocol Security features are included in MailEnable. For email transmission, we can securely communicate with the server.

Here, We’ve installed and set up SSL on MailEnable. SSL Installation requires the use of an IIS Web server, that’s why we configured SSL on IIS at first. After that, we set up STARTTLS on mailenable. We saw, how mailenable displays its authentication options at the TELNET Session and how STARTTLS behaved. With the client, STARTTLS does not enforce SSL/TLS. On MailEnable, the client can opt-out of using SSL/TLS. It enforces SSL/TLS for clients when we configure mail submission port 587 and SMTPS 465 port with SSL Requires Options checked. For the authentication check, we only allowed SSL/TLS connectivity, which is referred to as secure authentication.

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