add & clear packet header from varnish

sub vcl_deliver { # Clear Header unset resp.http.Via; unset resp.http.X-Whatever; unset resp.http.X-Powered-By; unset resp.http.X-Varnish; unset resp.http.Age; unset resp.http.Server; # Set/Add New Header set resp.http.Server = “Varnish-Header-Added”; set resp.http.X-Powered-By
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varnish purge cache

First, we have to Specify from where the PURGE request will be allowed. we are allowing our localhost or server itself and our developer Local Network. # viĀ /etc/varnish/default.vcl
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zimbra sendgrid configuration

Step-1 – Create Relay Password at zimbra vi /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password munna:Pa$$word :wq Step-2 – Create the Postfix Map File. su zimbra postmap /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password Step-3 – Create SASL and
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