October 1, 2023

Secondary DNS Or Slave DNS Server Configuration

In this video, I’ll show you how to set up a Linux secondary DNS server, also known as a slave DNS server. The Secondary DNS Server is a copy of the Primary DNS Server.

DNS servers are classified as primary, secondary, or caching-only. This video has covered the Secondary DNS Server configuration, also known as the Slave DNS Server. The Secondary DNS Server is a duplicate of the Primary DNS Server. When we say master or slave, we’re talking about the zone file. We declare a zone as master or slave, the first time we declare it on a server. So on the second server, we’ll obviously declare it as a slave. In this method, we can host DNS zones as master or slave within two physical systems. Both servers can be master and slave servers, but not for the same zone.

For the slave DNS server, we do not create zone files, rather, it receives the zone file from the master server during zone transfer. The practicals have been demonstrated here. Both the master DNS server and the slave DNS server form a failover scenario for the zones. If the master DNS server goes down, the queries will be answered by the slave DNS server. We had to put the names of the DNS Servers where the zone will reside during domain registration, so we had to put both Primary and Secondary DNS Server names on the registry.

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