March 29, 2023

How Mail Server Works: Explaining SMTP, MTA, MUA, MSA, LDA, MRA

In this video, We explored how a mail server works. I have Explained Mail Server in great detail. Explaining SMTP, MTA, MUA, MSA, LDA, MRA. These Email Protocols will reveal how email works step by step and how mail server works in Linux.

To learn about Email Servers or SMTP servers, We must first gain a good understanding of Email Protocols or SMTP Protocols. Otherwise, we won’t be able to comprehend their behaviour. It will be critical to understanding the various tools and terminologies associated with the mail servers.

Here, I’ve discussed the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), the Mail User Agent (MUA), the Mail Submission Agent (MSA), the Local Delivery Agent (LDA), and the Mail Retrieval Agent (MRA). We will have a better understanding of how an email server works in real life if we can understand their relationships and activity.


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