November 30, 2023

VestaCP Laravel Installation

In this video, I have described VestaCP Laravel Installation in detail. Laravel Setup needs special attention on the VestaCP Configuration, as it doesn’t work on VestaCP by default. We needed to tweak VestaCP Configuration a little. to set up the Laravel site, First, we created users, then created the website and after that uploaded the content to the site location.

VestaCP is a free and Open Source Web hosting Panel. It is a free alternative for the famous commercial web hosting software cPanel. VestaCP is a mature and feature-rich hosting platform. It has different setup strategies for faster and more performant website delivery.

VestaCP is capable of hosting both web and mail services, although, in fact, most users use it for web hosting. For high-performance web delivery, VestaCP has been thoroughly battled tested. If we merely want to do web hosting, we have different Server Setup options to select from. We can configure this as either an Apache server or an Nginx server with PHP+FPM. Alternatively, we can set up both Nginx and Apache. In this case, Nginx will operate as a Reverse Proxy. It will take user requests from the browsers and pass them to Apache for content delivery, and Nginx will employ Cache for faster delivery.

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