October 1, 2023

VMware Networking, Bridge, Nat, Host-Only Network

In this video, I have demonstrated VMware Networking Details, Bridge, NAT, Host-Only Network. We have mainly three types of networking to assign to virtual machines, Bridge Networking, NAT and Host-only. we have other two options custom and Lan segment also. I have elaborately described with diagrams how all these networking works. Bridge network adds virtual machine to the physical network, NAT shares the host IP with the virtual machines and in the hosts-only network, the virtual machine will be isolated from the physical network. It will only be able to communicate with other virtual machines.

On the Bridge network, VMs are directly connected to the physical network, they are also treated like physical systems, they can talk to router and get an internet connection just like other physical systems. on the NAT network, virtual machines get connected to an internal router maintained by VMware Workstation, all the VMs got an internal gateway and traffics are Natted to go outside so, nat networked virtual machines subnet and physical network subnet are different. on the Host-only network, virtual machines can communicate only among themselves, the traffic from the host-only network is not routable, so they will not reach the internet. This is a completely separate network only for the VMs.

In the custom network, we can define new host-only and bridge networking, we can create multiple host-only networks and if we have multiple LAN cards we can create a new bridge network on each Lan card. On the Lan segment, it is just like a physically separate network, VM on one segment cannot talk to VM on another LAN segment, I have explained and demonstrated in detail VMware Workstation networking in this video.

This VMware tutorial for beginners series is intended to provide a sound foundation for network and system administration practices. We all require a good VMware home lab for practice, and I have detailed most of the features of VMware Workstation in this series step by step. I hope you enjoy it!!

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