March 29, 2023

VM Snapshot, VM Clone, Shared Drive, VNC

In this video, I have described Virtual Machine Snapshot, VM Clone, Shared Drive and VNC. Virtual Machine snapshot is a point in time state of the virtual machines. We can take a snapshot of the virtual machine before any major upgrade. if there are any os corruption or system incompatibility arises, we can revert back to the good state by restoring the snapshots. I have demonstrated in detail snapshotting. To copy virtual machines we used to do clones of the VMs, the are two types of cloning, link clone and full clone. I have demonstrated both clonings elaborately.

I have shown, How to share a drive in the host pc and access the shared drive from the inside the guest for storing persistent data. We can access virtual machines from remote through VNC connection. I have shown here, how to configure VNC connection for virtual machines. all the topics are elaborately described and demonstrated step by step.

This VMware tutorial for beginners series is intended to provide a sound foundation for network and system administration practices. We all require a good VMware home lab for practice, and I have detailed most of the features of VMware Workstation in this series step by step. I hope you enjoy it!!

VMware Tutorial For beginners Playlist:

Qnap and VMware Tutorials Playlist:

VMware Tutorial For beginners:

Install and Configure VMware Workstation
VMware Workstation Configuration, Service & Preference
Connect To Esxi, Mount Virtual Drive, Shared VM
vCenter Converter, Import Export VM, OVF, OVA
Virtual Machine Snapshot, Clone, Shared Drive, VNC
VMware Workstation Detail Configuration Step by Step
VMware Networking Bridge, NAT, Host-Only Networking

Qnap and VMware Tutorials:

VMware iSCSI Multipathing with Qnap:
VMware NFS4 Multipathing with Qnap:
Veeam SMB Multichannel with Qnap SMB Share:

Openmediavault and VMware Tutorials:

NFS Multipathing with VMware and Openmediavault:

VMware Workstation Download Link:

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