October 1, 2023

Install Nextcloud on Web Panels via Web Installer


Nextcloud can be installed in multiple ways. Here, we will discuss how to Install Nextcloud on Web Panels via Web Installer. For hosting websites and web based applications we need a web server. Famous web panels like cPanel, ISPConfig, Cyberpanel etc are basically web servers with user-friendly interfaces. We can install NextCloud on any web panels. With the installation of web panels, all required services and modules are installed, so during the installation of nextcloud, it should not be necessary to install any PHP modules. Moreover, we can quickly create databases for Nextcloud via the web interface.

So, how do we proceed? We will download a php install script from nextcloud. We will save and run it from the web panels hosting space. The script will check the dependencies, downloads Nextcloud from the official server, unpacks it, with the right permissions and the right user account. Finally, it will be redirect to the Nextcloud installer page. rest of the setup needs to be done manually from the web interface.

In this guide, i will demonstrate how to install nextcloud on hestiaCP web hosting panel.

The steps we are going to follow:

1. Create Hosting Space on HestiCP hosting Panel
2. Creating MySQL DB on the Panel
3. Download the Web installer Script from Nextcloud
4. Upload the script to the hosting space
5. Run the Setup Script from the Browser.

To Install Nextcloud on Web Panels via Web Installer, we need to create a hosting space for nextcloud, the space needs to be created with a web panel user, web space and database will be created with the user permission.

1. Create Hosting Space on HestiCP hosting Panel

1. Login to HestiaCP Web Interface

hestiacp login

2. Create an User for the Nextcloud Hosting Space, this will be a Web Panel Only User.

hestiacp add user

3. Provide User Name, Password, Email etc..for the Web Panel User.

hestiacp user details

4. After the user Created, Login with that user.

hestiacp user login

5. After Login to the Panel, create the domain.

hestiacp add domain

6. Provide the Domain Detail and Click the Save button.

hestiacp domain add

2. Creating MySQL DB on the Panel

1. On the Web Panel, Go to DB Section. and Click add Database

hestiacp add database

2. Provide Database Details

hestiacp database details

3. Download the Web installer Script Nextcloud

– Download the script from Nextcloud Download Page.

nextcloud web installer

4. Upload the script to the hosting space

1. To Upload files, we need to Click the Files tab.

hestiacp file upload

2. Files window will show the directory tree of the hosting space.

hestiacp files

3. We need to travel to the root directory of the hosting space, then Click on “Add files”

hestiacp files root

4. Now, Upload the file.

hestiacp file upload

Our upload is complete, we need to fire the script from the browser.

5. Run the Setup Script from the Browser.

1. Run the script from the browser: http://[ip or domain]/setup-nextcloud.php

nextcloud install via web installer

2. Dependency check completed, now enter only “.” into the textbox to install nextcloud on the current root directory. then click Next.

nextcloud install dependency check

3. If all OK, Nextcloud installation will succeeded.

nextcloud install success

4. Now, if we Click Next, it will show the nextcloud Configuration Page. We need to provide the nextcloud admin user/pass, and database details to complete the setup process.

nextcloud configurations

5. After providing all the details above, if we click next, the nextcloud login page will appear, that means, our installation is done and the system is ready for use.

nextcloud admin login

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